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Search engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital part of your website design and ongoing development, to make your business successful online.

Quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will enhance your website listings in the organic search results (unpaid listings) for the popular relevant search terms.

Our Search Engine Optimisation prices start form as little as £99* per month.

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How our Search Engine Optimisation works

Avent Marketing take pride in our highly successful and cost effective Search Engine Optimisation services we offer for regional and national businesses. We commence our work on your website in the following way:

Once the above two reports have been carried out, we then commence with the following:


Keyword Report

With any Search Engine Optimisation, knowing the phrases your potential customers are searching for is paramount before you start optimising your website.

The search term the browser is entering into search engines to find your products or services compared to what you believe they are typing in, could be completely different.

Avent Marketing first run a variety of keyword searches through our system, this displays the results on how many users have used this search term in the major search engines over the last 30 day period. It also suggests other search terms used to find the same products & services. With this information we are able to compile the top 10 search terms used, along with a difficulty score based on the number of websites that are optimised to rank highly for that search term.


Website Search Engine Optimisation Report

If your website was built by another company before coming to us for your SEO, we must first ascertain how well your site is already optimised. We run the 80 page report for all search terms which are commonly used from our Keyword report. Once we have this information, we know the strengths and weaknesses of the current website content and structure.


Optimisting your website structure

Now we know the search terms that are being used by your potential customers, your website strengths and weaknesses (if not built by our team), we can edit the following:

Page titles

The page title notifys the search engines the type of information to expect on that page.


This is the actual web page address, for example "". This URL also helps let the search engines know what content to expect on that particular page.

Menu and Page links

The acutal text which is displayed for the link in the menu or within the content, is also another indication to the search engines (and browser) of what content to expect on that page.


Optimising your website content

The content must be well structured, with the keywords being used within the total content on that page. The images and videos must also be tagged accordingly. Having good quality links out to more information on other websites (that aren't your competitor) will also help with your ranking. With high quality content, you are also more likely to get natural links back as other website authors will find the information usefull. We search out further information from websites that are not direct competition to your own business to link to.


Adding Additional Pages

It may be required to add additional sub-pages to your website to enhance your Search Engine Optimisation. These pages will carry the relevant content and links to enhance your search result rankings.


Writing Blog & Article Content

Our expert Copy writers will research and add quality written content to your website. Remembering that content is king, this will enhance your organic listing and push you further up the search engine listings.


Creating Quality Link Backs

The search engine 'Bots' are well written algorithms that aren't easily fooled. We create quality link backs in the folllowing fashion to help with your Search Engine Optimisation:

Forum Posts

Our SEO web team join and post regularly on forum sites that are around your business subject. Our writters then construct well written blog posts that links to your website, thus enhancing your search engine rankings.

Author Link Backs

Author links backs are where the owner of other websites around your business field want to, and do link back to your content. These web links carry more weight and are known as 'follow links' which can greatly effect your Search Engine Optimisation results.



Sharing on Social Media

In recent years the likes of Google , Yahoo and Bing have started paying more attention to Social shares and 'likes'. These are classed as social recommendation and all count towards your overall listing results. Our web experts grow your social likes and shares across social web platforms, thus increasing socials links and web traffic.

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