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Website Design Portfolio

Below are a selection of various website designs we have produced for some of our clients.

  • Orange Key Ltd

    Orange Key Ltd

    Orange Key Ltd are a architectural design studio offering architectural and building services. They wanted a website design which was stylish and simple, emphasising their high quality workmanship.

    Services Provided

    Website Design, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Print, Site Boards, Banners

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  • Romsey Bridal Boutique

    Romsey Bridal Boutique

    Romsey Bridal Boutique is the second store from an already well established bridal boutique in Southampton, Wedded Bliss Bridal Studio. The owners had a clear vision of what their design style should be and wanted to revamp the existing website for their original bridal studio after this had gone live. We at Avent Marketing advised to keep both site designs to a similar layout, so users would find a mirrored way to navigate around the sites.

    Services Provided

    Website design, content writing, web hosting, URL registration, Email accounts, IT services

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  • South Coast Dry Cleaners

    South Coast Dry Cleaners

    South Coast Cleaners is a well established family run business. Dave Day explained to us that they wanted to increase their online presence with a professional website that would accomodate their expansion into new stores and cleaning areas. Avent Marketing produced the current design after the initial consultation. We also produced a website for the wedding dress cleaning services they offered to compliment the main website.

    Services Provided

    Website design, domain registration, web hosting, graphic design, flyers, signage

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  • The Dog Valet

    The Dog Valet

    Elaine Hammond originally had produced a website via an online automated design program which proved not to bring in any work. After our initial consultation with Elaine, we provided a few different designs. Once the design had been chosen we advised on how she should structure the written content for the website to get the best results. Once we had this we advised on any changes and finalised the working website design. The website now brings in regular business and Elaine has told us "I even had one client shoe my business over the competitors due to she had Googled all the groomers and her site looked the most professional".

    Services Provided

    Logo design, website design, web hosting, email accounts

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  • Wedded Bliss Bridal Studio

    Wedded Bliss Bridal Studio

    Wedded Bliss Bridal Studio is a well established bridal outlet in Southampton, Hampshire. The original website was starting to look dated and did not adjust for the latest modern technology like smart phones and tablets. We redeveloped and redesigned the website to keep with the colour scheme of the original website, but give it a modern fresh feel in keeping with their new store website, Romsey Bridal Boutique as featured above.

    Services Provided

    Website design, Web hosting, email hosting, domain trasfers, IT support.

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  • Hammond Auto

    Hammond Auto

    Hammond Auto had a basic website design which didn't bring in any additional business. After the initial consultation with one of our advisors, we designed a website that would push and promote the business. Wthin 2 weeks of the website going live, David Hammond reported enquiries and work coming in through the website on a daily basis.

    Services Provided

    Website Design, Web Hosting, Email Accounts, Website Copy Write, Vehicle Graphics, Signage.

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  • Jo Sports Therapy

    Jo Sports Therapy

    Jo sports therapy came to us and knew they needed a website, but didn't know exactly how they wanted the design to look. After a meeting with one of our consultants who went through options and styles, we were proud to 'hit the nail on the head' as they say, first time with the website design mock up we presented to the client.

    Services Provided

    Website design, website hosting, logo design, branding, domain URL registration, Email account setup, graphic design, business cards, flyers, embroided clothing.

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  • A1 Garage Equipment

    A1 Garage Equipment

    A1 Garage Equipment were a fresh new start up company when they were recommended our services. After the initial consultation so we knew the owners goals for the website and business, we produced the website design. The website was optimised with the target work required by A1 Garage Equipment and has seen it climb the rankings in popular search engines to be highly ranked above more established competitors.

    The site has now grown the business by over 150% from its original work load.

    Services Provided

    Website design, website hosting, email accounts, graphic design, website copy write, business cards, vehicle sign writing.

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  • Amt Ford Mazda

    Amt Ford Mazda

    AMT previously had a website design which did not bring them much additional business. Andy Tappenden met with one of our business consultants and explained what he wanted to achieve from his business. We put together the design and delivered a website which highlights and promotes the side of the business that Andy wanted to push. We are pleased to say that this along with our SEO services saw a 100% increase in business in the first year of the website going live.

    Services Provided

    Website Design, Web hosting, Email accoutns, Search Engine Optimisation, Business cards

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  • Jerry Still Installations

    Jerry Still Installations

    The original website design for Jerry Still Installations was outdated and produced in flash. This mean that any iphone and ipad users would only see a blank screen when trying to view the website. Avent Marketing revamped the website and gave it a modern look and feel that would be auto-responsive across all viewing platforms. The website now brings in new customers to the company on a daily basis.

    Servcies Provided

    Website Design, Web Hosting, Website Copy Write, Email accounts, Graphic Design, Embroided clothing, Office Stationary, Business Cards, Media Advertisements.

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  • Elite Smart Repair

    Elite Smart Repair

    Craig at Elite Smart Repair was recommended our services by a previous client. After an initial meeting with the client Avent Marketing produced the new website and all its content. The website has proven to be beneficial to the business, ranking well on the major search engines and bringing in a constant supply of work and new customers to the business.

    Services Provided

    Website Design, Domain registration, web hosting, graphic design, business cards, flyers

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  • Hampson Locksmiths

    Hampson Locksmiths

    Hampson Locksmiths wanted to re-brand their business with a fresh new name and look. We advised on the name and came up with the new business branding across all elements of their business.

    Services Provided

    Website design, website hosting, domain registration, graphic design, logo design, business cards, NCR pads, embroided clothing, Vehicle sign writing.

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  • Infinity Vape

    Infinity Vape

    Infinity Vape was a new venture By MAthew Gainey, a businessman in Bristol. We produced their branding and online ecommerce website for their Vape supplies company.

    Services Provided

    Website Design, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Shop Signage, Print, Leaflets, Stationary

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  • Twisted Vision

    Twisted Vision

    Twisted Vision are a lighting production company who also supply special effects to the entertainment industry. They wanted a website which would be easy to navigate and show off the products they offer.

    Services Provided

    Website Design, Web Hosting, Print

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  • Fawley British Legion

    Fawley British Legion

    Fawley British Legion previously had a self built website, this gave them their initial pressence on the web where they could share information with people looking for the club. Upon an initial meeting with the Chairman, the legion went from the initial thoughts of a website which was purely to show information, to a website which is totally interactive.

    Fawley British Legion now have a website which has full functionality where club members can register, receive newsletters, purchase tickets for events and more.

    The committee also have their own section for information and club admin matters.

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  • Solent Locksmiths

    Solent Locksmiths

    Solent Locksmiths originally had their website built by a well known brightly coloured directory. They weren't happy with how the website was performing for the money it was costing them on a monthly basis.

    We built Solent Locksmiths a new responsive website which would look good across all devices and restructured all the content. We are now handling all of Solent Locksmiths online marketing and advertising to help grow their customer base and income.

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