Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting on our own dedicated servers

As a company we used several suppliers for hosting our clients websites, only to be disappointed with the initial load times over and over again. So how do we fix this for our clients, we bought our own dedicated servers at a high end data company in the UK where the servers are fully managed in a high security data center. The results are totally stable websites with consistent load times 10+ X faster than the standard hosting offered by the main providers.

Our servers

We use state of the art servers which are based in a secure UK data centre.

  • SSD's
  • Latest Technology
  • UK hosted

The data centre

Our servers are located in secure data centres in the UK with 24hr monitoring, Gigabit connections and 24hr technical support.

  • Gigabit Connections
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 24hr Security
  • 24hr Support

Superfast Speeds

With the latest gigabit connections and superfast servers using SSD drives and 16 core processors, our servers will never slow down or let you down 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Or in plain English, they're fast, very very very fast...

Backups & reliability

Our servers backup all websites and data on a daily basis, with a full server backup also taken on a weekly basis, that's 8 copies of your website on a backup drive at any one time. PLUS the server is also backed up again to a second location weekly!


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  • 37 Hollybank Crescent, Hythe, Southampton, Hampshire. SO45 5FZ


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